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Sunday, June 25, 2017


  The Office of Technology is divided into two divisions:

Instructional Technology, Student Information and Networking


Promote the effective use of technology to improve student achievement.


We, the partners for excellence in education, will bring together schools, communities, business partners, and parents to offer a technology enriched educational program that will meet the needs of all stakeholders. It is our vision that the Gadsden School District will have new and emerging technologies in conjunction with traditional approaches to provide students with academic, intellectual, emotional, psychological, physical, and social experiences that will develop the whole student. Our product will be students who possess foundational, marketable, and/or functional skills that will enable them to broaden their horizons in any post-secondary endeavor upon which they might choose to embark.

Information Technology Division:

  • This division provides information management services through the oversight of the district's School Information Systems (SIS) and various data analysis tools.

 Instructional Technology Division:

  •  This division promotes student and staff proficiency in the use and application of technology focused on student achievement.
  • The instructional technology division will also continue to: provide technical support for network maintenance, design and implement professional development for staff, and assess the effectiveness of technology on student performance.






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