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The Gadsden County Schools’ (GCS) Facilities Department manages district Planning, Construction and Maintenance of all Facilities operated by the Gadsden County School Board.I.

Welcome to the Facilities Web Page                                                                                                                                                   

Our goal is to provide cost-effective services at each school creating and maintaining an environment, inside and out, that is comfortable, safe and conducive to learning.

No matter what the scope of work, Facilities staff are committed to providing the best services possible, within budget and in a timely manner.

Florida’s Department of Education provides administrative guidelines for the Maintenance and Operations of School Districts. Follow the link below for a better understand of how a Facilities Department is organized and what’s expected of it.


II.      Department Functions

         A.       Maintenance

                   1.       Work Orders (WO) Link to School Dude work order log-in:

                   2.       Emergencies:

                   3.       Project Requests:

         B.       Custodial

         C.       Construction

         D.       Facilities Reporting

III.     Staff

IV.     Energy Management Coming in the near future

V.       Forms & Instructions

VI.     Contacts

VII.    Frequently Asked Questions

VIII.  Links






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