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Sunday, June 25, 2017


The single most important determinant in a child's success in school, and ultimately throughout life, is not family status, educational level, income, or I.Q. It is whether that child's family is involved in his or her education.

OBJECTIVE: To reaffirm the strong commitment of the Gadsden County Public School District to the roles of parents in the education of their children and to develop and effective district-wide comprehensive Parent Involvement Program.

HAT IS PARENT INVOLVEMENT? There is not a true definition of parent involvement. There are some who say that it is the total involvement and commitment of parents, schools, students, communities, and businesses working together to achieve excellence in the education of all children.

Gadsden District Assessment Schedule
GCPS Monthly Assessment Schedule
Spring 2015 Testing Times
(FSA) Florida Family Brochure
CBT Transition Chart
(FSA) Parents and Students Resources
2015-16 Florida Assessment Schedule
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2016-17 FSA ELA and Mathematics Fact Sheet
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