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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Different Levels of Parent Involvement (DLOPI)

Different Levels of Parent Involvement (DLOPI) is a parent program that was developed as a way of tracking the percentage and/or number of parents involved at some level in their child's education, whether at school or at home. Teachers are asked to rate the levels in which parents are involved throughout the school year using the DLOPI chart. This form provides teachers with a format for determining parental involvement by assessing the student's classroom performance and behaviors and parent or adult interaction.  Teachers are requested to identify the involvement (by parent or supporting adult) under each category for each student at the end of each 9 Week Reporting Period. 

Incentives are given to parents and teachers as an awareness tool and conversation venue to generate more parent involvement. DLOPI shows a differentiated list of ways parents are involved with their child's education, both at home and at school. Parents have been asked to rate themselves.




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