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FUEL/CORE Education



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        ENROLLMENT DATES FOR SCHOOL YEAR 2018—2019                                                F.S. 1002.45

 SUMMER ENROLLMENT:                                                                         OPEN  2/1/2018 - CLOSE 5/1/2018                                                 NOTE: FINAL DOCUMENTS SUBMISSION TO VIRTUAL PROVIDER FOR SCHOOL CHOICE DEADLINE OCTOBER 2, 2018; FINAL APPROVAL FROM VIRTUAL PROVIDER FOR SCHOOL CHOICE OCTOBER 4, 2018.

FALL (1ST SEMESTER) ENROLLMENT:                                                       OPEN 4/1/2018 - CLOSE 7/1/2018

WINTER (2ND SEMESTER) ENROLLMENT:                                               OPEN 10/1/2018 - CLOSE 12/1/2018

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Home Education Information & Advising Day
    Dual Enrollment                 November 7, 2018




Gadsden County’s Virtual Instruction Program (GC-VIP) is open to all eligible students within the district. GC-VIP is an innovative educational experience that takes place in an interactive learning environment created through technology. The Gadsden County Public School (GCPS) district remains steadfast to a commitment of excellence. All grades earned through participation in GC-VIP will be assigned by the Virtual School instructors and not the local teachers.  Grades will be sent electronically to the district office for upload to Skyward for transcripts and report cards.  It is very important for parents and students to have ongoing dialogue with the Virtual School instructors to ensure there is no miscommunication about your child's academic performance while participating in these online programs.


It is the vision of The School Board of Gadsden County that all students are prepared for success in a rapidly changing, diverse, global society through a variety of educational opportunities. The district is committed to providing safe and supportive learning environments that ensure continuous progress towards high student achievement. Through the collaboration of a caring school community and the allocation of resources, aligned with GCPS’ mission and goals, the district will maximize opportunities for all students to succeed in life.


The Gadsden County School District believes that . . . 

  •   All students can learn.
  •   Each student is a valued individual with unique physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs.
  •   The commitment to continuous improvement to achieve the goal of enabling a students to realize their potential in a rapidly changing, diverse, global society is expected of all     stakeholders of the school system.
  •   Assessments of student learning provide students with a variety of opportunities to demonstrate the achievement of the expectation for their learning.
  •   Education is the key to opportunity and social mobility.
  •   A safe and supportive learning environment promotes student achievement.
  •   Students need to not only develop a deep understanding of essential knowledge and skills, but also need to develop the capacity to apply their learning, and to reason, solve       problems, and produce quality work.
  •   The chief priority of GCPS focuses on learning across the system. (Student learning, professional learning, and organizational learning)
  •   The development of a caring school community is a priority for the GCPS school system.
  •   The allocation of resources, in alignment with GCPS’ mission and goals, helps to maximize the opportunity for students to learn and experience success in school.



 Edgenuity mission is to:

  • Provide a successful student-centered virtual instruction program by using innovative, rigorous, and best-in-class curriculum.
  • Deliver exceptional academic support through their proprietary Student Support Model that provides student-centered monitoring, coaching, mentoring, and teaching.
  • Empower students to achieve academic goals through flexible hands-on education that builds on strengths and targets areas in need of improvement.
  • Employ the best-in-class client services and technology tools in order to provide accountability, accessibility, and involvement for all key stakeholders–students, instructors, administrators, and parents.
  • Innovate and improve by using data-driven resources to monitor, obtain feedback, and re-evaluate all levels of service on a consistent basis.


FLVS The mission of K12 Florida is to provide an innovative, intensive academic preparation that inspires and educates students to achieve the highest levels of academic knowledge and skills regardless of geographic, financial, or demographic circumstance. K12 Florida embraces a partnership among teachers and parents so that students will reach extraordinary heights. With hard work and responsibility, every student will meet the challenge of mastering high expectations and reach their full potential. This is for full-time and part-time participation. Parents and students will register online via this link provided.

FUEL EDUCATION (fueleducation) 

Designed to help schools/districts tap into the best of today’s vast array of digital educational resources, tailor solutions for a variety of learning environments, and personalize learning to drive stronger student and district outcomes. They are charged with helping schools/districts make the best possible educational options available to students. This virtual program is k-8 full or part time and 9-12 full time only.


Serves member districts by helping them to fulfill their virtual classroom needs. Every district has different needs for their students and virtual courses allow the flexibility to fulfill many of those needs. This is for PART-time participation, as well as, one way for students to satisfy the graduation requirement for an online course.

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