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Gifted Education
 "Growing Gifted In Gadsden County, Florida"
"Growing Gifted In Gadsden County, Florida"

Gadsden County School District defines "Gifted" as it is defined in the Florida Statutes (6A-6.03019) "One who has superior intellectual development and is capable of high performance".  The district proactively engages in procedures to increase the number of students referred for evaluation to determine gifted eligibility.  In fact, universal screenings are conducted annually based on district and state assessment results of students in grades one through eight.  Names of students, who score above proficiency in a broad achievement area, are referred to the school guidance counselors' and teachers of the gifted.  Referrals for gifted screening are also encouraged from teachers, parents, and/or Student Study Teams during the school year.

The evaluation procedures and measurements that are used to determine gifted eligibility in Gadsden are in compliance and aligned with state criteria.  The student must demonstrate a need for a special program, demonstrate a majority of the characteristics of gifted students, and demonstrate superior intellectual development to meet the state's criteria for gifted eligibility, known as Plan A.  Gadsden also implements a District Plan B as an alternative plan to assist with increasing the participation of underrepresented groups: Limited English Proficient (LEP/ELL) and low socioeconomic status (SES), who may demonstrate a need for a special instructional program.  Under Plan B, the criteria allows for academic identification with a revised intellectual score.  However, the student must still demonstrate a need for a special instructional program and gifted characteristics. 

Efforts are made to assure that students enrolled in grades 1-5, who are identified as gifted, are afforded an opportunity to participate in an academically rigorous and exciting curriculum with peer/homogenous grouping at Gadsden Elementary Magnet School to stimulate their intellectual growth.  Students who do not attend the magnet school have the opportunity to receive either direct or consultation services at their enrolled school, including the district's charter school.  Additionally, the district implements direct support and/or consultation services for identified gifted students at the secondary level.  The goal is to provide a gifted program so that eligible students may participate in content/grade level curriculum acceleration and access instruction that is designed to promote critical thinking, creativity, and leadership skills.

In essence, we are having an exceptional time educating our exceptional population!   For more information regarding gifted, please visit the following websites: (Working on Gifted Issues) (National Association for Gifted Children) (Florida Department of Education) (National Society for Gifted and Talented) (Summer Institute for the Gifted)



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