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Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS)
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The following activities are embeded in the Gadsden County School District's responsibility to implement a Multi-tiered System of Supports (MTSS) that is integrated into a continuum of evidence-based academic and behavior interventions.


  • Parent involvement in general education intervention procedures

Parents are involved in a data-based problem-solving process to address the student's academic or behavioral areas of concern.  Discussions are held with the parent regarding the data used to identify the problem, the plan for addressing the problem through interventions, the plan for monitoring student progress, the student's responses to instruction and interventions, modification of interventions when needed and anticipated future action to address the student's learning or behavioral needs.  The Documentation of parental involvement and communication is maintained.


  • Review Data

The school district reviews social, psychologial, medical, and anecdotal records and achievement data in the student's cumulative folder and demonstrates through data that the student was provided appropriate instruction in the regular education settings (which was delievered by qualified personnel).  Attendance records are reviewed and used as one indicator of a student's access to instruction.


  • Implementation of evidence-based interventions 

~The school district implements evidenced-based interventions addressing the identified areas of concern in the general education environment.


~The interventions selected for implementation should be determined by a team through a data-based problem-solving process that uses student performance data to identify and analyze the area(s) of concern, select and implement interventions, monitor effectiveness of the interventions and modify intervention or intensity when needed.


~Interventions must be implemented as designed for a period of time sufficient to determine effectiveness, and with a level of intensity that matches the student's needs.


~The district must collect pre-intervention and ongoing progress-monitoring data regarding academic or behavioral areas of concern and communicate the data to the parents in an understandable format, which may include, but is not limited to, graphic representation.


  • Exceptions to requirement for general educaiton interventions

~Not required for children younger than kindergarten entry age

~Not required for students suspected of being gifted as described in the Rule 6A-6.03019, F.A.C.

~Not required for students who are being considered for eligibility for specially designed instruction for students who are homebound or hospitalized as described in Rule 6A-6.03020, F.A.C.

~Not required for students who are not enrolled in a public school.

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